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The economic intercourse between the two countries is quite different. As they say in the business world, “profits should be shared” and in a way this is true. While the government gives loans to both countries, the borrower of the loan benefits more from the exchange than the creditor of the loan. It is true that the governments of these two countries want their people to have a better living standard so they try to help each other out as much as possible. The policies that they come up with are meant to stimulate economic growth between the two countries so that the lender will be happy and the borrower will be happy.

When I was a child I remember the great debate in my home about the differences between Mexico and the United States. It was a very heated debate about the level of economic intercourse between the two countries. This was the time when the Mexican one had a majority and the US one was a minority. Back then, the US was very anxious to have economic intercourse with Mexico because they were so poor and needed the US consumer goods such as food, clothes, oil and other things that the US companies brought over.

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Today, while the US is still a leading country, Mexico is now beginning to catch up and has become an economic powerhouse. The reason why Mexico is catching up now is because they realize that the time is now to open the door to economic intercourse. In addition, they realized that it is in the best interest of both countries to open up economic intercourse because it benefits all of them. The US can use Mexico's cheap labor, the Mexican consumers get what they need, and the American companies can gain access to the many resources that Mexico has to offer.

The reason for economic intercourse between the two countries is so that they can benefit from one another. Both countries trade freely with each other. There are no tariffs or quotas. It is simply free trade. For example, if a consumer needs something from the United States, he or she can buy it from a company in Mexico. Or, if a worker wants to go to work in the United States, then he or she can go work in a factory in Mexico.

Mexico is a major consumer of oil and other natural resources that are needed around the world. That means Mexico has plenty of room to grow and expand its economy. It is also very beneficial to Mexico because it means that consumers in the United States will have jobs in Mexico. This means more jobs, more income and the ability to buy products from Mexico. That means more consumers, more economic intercourse, and therefore more benefits for Mexico.

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As you can see, there are several benefits of economic intercourse. The benefits are increasing economic opportunities, widening the wealth divide, gaining access to raw materials and freely trading among countries. It is beneficial to all parties involved. Therefore, economic intercourse is indeed a very important topic when discussing trade between the United States and Mexico.

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