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One of the most important marketing tools for a new business is business cards. Business cards are a simple but powerful tool that allows you to interact with your customers and potential clients. This interactive platform allows you to send out an image of your company, contact information, special offers, etc. in a format that can be easily read by many people at once. The use of these cards is a simple way to promote your business.

When designing and printing your business cards you have many options available to you. The first thing to do is think about the message you want to communicate to your audience. Are you looking for a way to tell your customers that you are professional or just looking for a friendly contact? If you are trying to win customers over, business cards can be the perfect tool. The ability to personalize your business cards is a great way to show your personality.

Card printing services allow you to create your own cards or browse through thousands of templates to choose from. You can use blank templates or design one yourself to suit your particular needs. If you are looking for something more innovative you can use clip art, photos, logo and even artwork from your website. All this can be printed onto high quality cards to create an impact on your potential customers. These can then be used at trade shows, seminars, presentations, and conferences and anywhere else you need a personal card to promote your business.

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If you want your business cards to be more personal, you can use an electronic printer and create them online. Online printers offer a wide variety of business card templates that you can use to create your cards. They also offer a list of creative options you can use to personalize your cards, such as adding photos, logos, clip art and more.

You can also use regular stock business cards for promotional purposes. Make sure you have enough in stock to give away to your target audience. The purpose of giving away these cards is not to end up selling anything. Instead, it is to build brand awareness so that people know who you are and what you do.

When choosing which business cards to use, remember that colour has a strong influence on people's impressions of a business. If you are planning to use a combination of colours, then choose dark colours with lighter undertones. This will make the card stand out and be easily noticeable. If you decide to use black and white business cards, then try using a lighter undertone with a darker coloured design. This will help balance the colours, giving you a range of colour that looks professional yet sophisticated. When handing your business cards out to your clients, you will be able to convey that you are serious, trustworthy and professional.

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When handing out your business cards, avoid using a pad and pencil. This is a bad idea because they can easily fall on the table and get lost. Using a pen is also not a good idea. People will often write down names and dates when using a pad and pencil, leaving these important details for someone else to find. The result is that they never end up finding the information that they needed, meaning that you have wasted money on business cards that you have not even used.

The way that you treat your business cards is important. It is advisable to have at least two copies of the card and give one to your regular customers and another to anyone else that you think might be interested in your services. This will ensure that you always have some ready to hand out, ensuring that you are always in contact with your current and potential clients. If you use 350gsm paper, this should be easy to achieve.

4gsm Silk Coated Business Cards - business cards 350gsm

4gsm Silk Coated Business Cards – business cards 350gsm | business cards 350gsm

4gsm Standard Business Cards - business cards 350gsm

4gsm Standard Business Cards – business cards 350gsm | business cards 350gsm

4gsm Recycled Business Cards - business cards 350gsm

4gsm Recycled Business Cards – business cards 350gsm | business cards 350gsm

4gsm Business Cards - business cards 350gsm

4gsm Business Cards – business cards 350gsm | business cards 350gsm