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If President Obama has his way, economic growth by president will not only be a positive factor in the upcoming election, but also a huge factor in the long term. That is because if Obama gets re-elected, he will have the political clout to push through his agenda, including raising the minimum wage, increasing taxes on wealthy individuals, and perhaps most importantly, getting more federal infrastructure projects up and running again. Obama is already popular with younger voters, and they look to him to help them alleviate the problems that they are facing economically. For this reason alone, his re-election is a vote of confidence in America, and an opportunity for America to move forward.

If Obama is re-elected, however, the Democrats will have very little chance of regaining control of the House of Representatives or Senate or gaining enough seats in the House and Senate to regain their majority in 2021. For all practical purposes, the president has already been returned to his position as president, but in reality he is not yet truly free to do whatever he wants with his executive authority. Even if Obama and the Democrats win the House and the Senate in January 2021, they will still have to deal with a Tea Party made up of disgruntled congressmen determined to hold Obama to his campaign promises.

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Obama's supporters argue that he has already done enough to turn the economy around, but how so? The fact that he has raised the gasoline tax, increased the debt ceiling and backed off some of the Bush tax cuts doesn't make any difference because these actions don't create jobs. They are temporary fixes at the end of the recession. So where are the jobs? The same place that was most visible during the last two presidential campaigns – the upper class spending sprees, large corporations, and Wall Street.

Obama's supporters also point to his appointing more Democratic cabinet members and Senate Democrats, but this again is not creating more economic growth. The fact is that the Democrats in Congress have done very little to help the economy recover. On the presidential campaign trail, both President George W. Bush and Senator Hillary Clinton promised to make the economy more competitive by cutting taxes on capital gains, eliminating the corporate tax breaks, reducing the deficit, and increasing government infrastructure spending.

Obama's supporters also point to Obama's handling of the credit crisis as being responsible for keeping the American economy from taking a nose dive. This is also untrue. The stimulus package Obama signed back in August, didn't help the economy at all, just temporarily pumping up financial institutions and making it easier for them to get rid of bad debt. Corporate profits are still low, inventories are still falling, and consumer spending is still down. If Obama had continued his policies of raising taxes on the wealthy, increased regulations on Wall Street, and renegotiated the credit bubble, we might be seeing much better results for the national economy.

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Obama's critics say that if President Obama had really tried to help the economy, things would have been so much better. In my opinion, the biggest problem the Democrats have in the United States right now is their image problem, and I don't think that Obama is suffering from that as much as the Trumps. Nevertheless, if President Obama had been more popular, the Trumps probably wouldn't have won, and we may not be having this ridiculous debate about who is going to be the next President of the United States. Obama has already established himself and will likely win the next election based on the results of the last election.

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