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Are you thinking of creating your own business cards? Have you got any idea on what to use them for? 400gsm card stock is definitely the best type of card for business cards. This is because this type of paper will last for a long time, and you won't have to spend a fortune making changes to your cards after they are initially printed. You can simply reorder the paper whenever you need to, saving you both time and money.

Think about it. When you order business cards online, you are given plenty of printing options. You can choose paper weight, paper colour, image quality, hole punching options, envelope and more. You also have the option to choose from different printing formats, including letter-size and legal. You can't do that when ordering printed cards from an offline stationery store.

By ordering your business cards from online sources, you can get the best selection available. You can pick and choose the format, colour and paper quality that suit your needs best. You will even find options where you can personalise your cards. Personalised business cards will not only impress your customers, but they will also make them feel important.

So how do you personalise business cards? The first thing you could do is to add a short line or quote on the front. Many people like to add something unique and quirky, like something from their own life or a quote from a loved one. A catchy slogan or tagline will work well as well, and something relevant to the company or business can create a lasting impression. You could also create a design that has been specifically created for the purpose of branding.

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How about colour? This is a great way to create awe among your prospects. Use one or two tones of the colour which you are best at. Try different shades, using blues, greens and yellows. It's important to avoid pastel colours because unless they are paired with something else, such as the company logo, they may not be read properly.

Colour printing on business cards is done in two ways. The first is laser, where an image is burned onto the surface of the card and then a printout is made. The second method is by cold roll printing. This is where a sheet of paper is coated with a protective coating and a coloured ink is applied to it. Only a thin and delicate layer is needed, allowing the ink to soak into the paper effortlessly.

Colour can make a big difference. Consider the impact that bold, brightly coloured business cards will have. Think about the images that will be printed in your company logo and fonts. Do some research ahead of time and ensure that the colour combinations you use will best represent your brand and create a great impression.

Business cards are a powerful marketing tool and a must when it comes to promoting your brand. They can be used for sales presentations, cold calling, networking events and just getting the name of your company out there. If you want to impress your customer and present your brand in the most effective way, then use graphics that are designed specifically for print. There are many companies out there that will help you design business cards that will make the most of your budget.

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400gsm is very durable. Your business cards can last for years if they are made from quality materials. You can choose the type of material you want for the card. You will find plastic coated cards, cardboard and even cardboard – which are great if you are going to use it for branding purposes. These are also very affordable, so you can invest in bulk.

Think about the impact that customised business cards will have on your company. Do you want to get one colour or a variety of colours for your cards? Make sure that you choose a reputable printer who can produce what you need in order to make a great impression. Using the right printing service will help you create high quality cards that will last for many years.

Investing in business cards does not have to cost you a lot of money. There are plenty of affordable options for you to choose from. You can even go online to find the best deals. There are many affordable printing services online that can create the perfect business card for you.

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Raised Foil Business Cards 4gsm – business cards 400gsm | business cards 400gsm

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4gsm Standard Matt Laminated – business cards 400gsm | business cards 400gsm

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